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Looking for training to help you master your interest and trade, but can’t imagine it fitting into your busy schedule? Learn more about our comprehensive online training here.


Want thorough and transformative training to help you gain clarity and mastery in your purpose, relationship and finance so you can go from where you are to where you want to be but can’t imagine it fitting into your busy schedule?

We’ve built an online training curriculum that provides you with the benefits of live training but without the constraints.

Chichi Solutions through its Sphere Of Fulfilment Academy offers high-quality online video training that you can watch on your own time. We pour passion, knowledge, and practical pointers into all of our videos, which means that the training won’t just engage you; it will also change you.

You’ll become more knowledgeable, more capable, and more confident after going through our training. The skills you’ll learn will last you—and benefit you—for a lifetime.

Furthermore, we’ve worked hard to make our content both easy to understand and easy to implement. All our trainings are broken into bite-sized lessons, which walk you through step-by-step until you complete the entire online curriculum.

Think about it…

There’s never been a better time in history to grow your skillset and mindset, since there’s never been a time in history when world-class training was so accessible! The internet has changed everything. The doors to growth, opportunity, and success are wide open. And now is the time to train.

Discover Your Destiny

Sooner or later everyone asks, “What is my purpose on this planet?” The concept of destiny can be confusing.

On the one hand, we are responsible for our choices in life. But on the other hand, each of us has a unique set of strengths, talents and aspirations that are uniquely ours.

In this illuminating program, Chichi will show you exactly how to discover your God-given purpose and destiny: 

  •  How to Experience a Life of Fulfillment and Joy 

  •  Understanding Your Purpose, Passion and Potential 

  •  How to Live Life in The “Sweet Spot”

  •  The 1 Powerful Strategy That Changes EVERYTHING

  •  How to Discover Your Voice and Calling

  • Stanley I.

    "Before working with Coach Chichi, I was struggling with negative thoughts and patterns and going in circles. I was unsure of the Next step in my career, investment and relationship with a recent relationship breakup.

    She helped me work through understanding my identity and purpose to now know the kind of woman I should be looking to marry and how to get to my next level in life.

    Calculating my wealth number was an eye-opener and one of my biggest gains from her program as it helped me to make better financial and investment decisions.Today I have clarity, peace and hope. I am no longer going in circles.

    If you are confused and lack direction in life or you’re stuck with unhealthy patterns, I highly recommend working with Coach Chichi and going through the Fulfilment Academy."

    Jenny C. 

    "The last 6 years have been hard for me. My 2 years relationship ended and I was so disappointed and upset that it affected every area of my life including my work. I felt cheated and betrayed as I invested so much into the relationship. My church people made matters worse by constantly reminding me of how late it could be if I don’t get married soon. 

    Last year, I met Coach Chichi and she helped me through the process of forgiveness and healing from the hurt and brokenness. She also helped me to know that I can earn an income doing the things I love in other to increase my financial worth. 

    Now, I am completely healed and free. I am doing better in my job and side hustle. I have started saving and investing with a plan and purpose in mind. I will say I feel much alive now and confident to love again. 

    I will many times recommend Coach Chichi to anyone who is going through betrayal, heartbreak and financial scarcity." 

    Kalu P.

    "I was confused unfulfilled and unhappy about my job and a life of lack but didn’t know the way out so was stuck with the same routine year in and year out. My employer cared not about his staff. I worked so hard to make money but still lived in scarcity with my family.

    I attended a programme where I met coach Chichi and immediately knew I needed her help so signed up for her coaching program. She helped me to discover my true purpose ‘NOW’, and how to make decisions around my family and income align with God’s assignment or purpose for my life. This changed my life.

    Now, am more relaxed because I am sure of what am doing and even though my earnings are still the same, I have been able to manage my money better in the last year to invest in real estate. I also have more time for my family and just started my consulting firm working towards becoming my own boss. I find meaning to life now."

    Peace D. 

    "My husband and I are busy professionals and always have issues about money and parenting styles. I was unsure of how to make my relationship work. What I did not realize is that I had always wanted things to go my way. If it didn’t, I would yell and shout at every slightest thing - I couldn’t manage my anger and outburst. This affected communication between my husband and I. 

    Joining Coach Chichi’s program helped me correct the way I think about the purpose of marriage and how to enjoy my marriage. I now have clarity on how to make my relationship work and the right communication skills. My husband and I communicate and understand each other better now. 

    I will certainly recommend Coach Chichi on relationship and money coaching." 

    Amanda G. 

    “ I was so mad at God and everyone even though I pretended that all was well. I was confused about the next level in my quest to finding a good man to marry. I tried so many things but kept entering into relationship with selfish, unemployed therefore deceitful and abusive men. 

    When I met Coach Chichi, she helped me to understand who I am, the kind of man l need and how to position myself to meet the right man for me. Coach Chichi helped me to understand my worth and how to increase it which raised my confidence. 

    Now, am confidently engaged to the right man and am no longer angry and resentful. I know what I want from a man and how he should treat me. Am happier than I used to be. 

    If you are attracting the wrong dates or selfish, financially unintelligent broke and abusive relationships, contact Coach Chichi. She will help you." 

    Ugoo C. 

    " I was struggling with my relationship with the girl I wanted to marry. Coach Chichi helped me to discover what was going wrong and my impatience to wait for the right woman and the right time.  

    She also helped me to overcome financial challenges and how it was affecting my relationship. 

    If you are struggling with relationship and dating or with limiting beliefs and mindset, a lack of financial education, especially on how to manage your money and make money work for you, I highly recommend working with Coach Chichi and the sphere of fulfilment academy.  

    She'll always say "It's not about how much you earn but how you manage your earnings". That statement transformed my life. 

    She is the best relationship and money coach I have ever seen." 

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