My name is Chichi Igwe, the founder of chichiigwe.

I am an affiliate marketer.  I help people to choose products and services which I trust to be good, right, and best to the best of my knowledge for a commission from the sellers. I do this by driving traffic through my online links to the sellers.

My world opened when I joined SFM. I learned so much more than I could imagine and suddenly, I realized that I could achieve so much in my lifetime, live my dreams and help others like you, and I live fulfilled lives.

Am not promising a bed of roses but I can assure you that if you have a passion to be free and put in the time required, the Financial, Time, and Geographical FREEDOM available through the global digital economy will be yours to live.

Do you like doing the work and getting results instead of waiting and praying for magic to happen?

Do you desire to spend more time with your family and still be financially self-reliant?

Do you want to live wherever you desire?

Then this could be for you. Join the digital boom and live fulfilled.



I worked hard all my life until it became obvious to me that I need to invest more time at home to raise my children by myself. I knew that it was the best decision but I also needed to meet my financial responsibilities towards my children and larger family. The thought of this drove me to the internet daily searching for what I could do to make an income while having time to raise my children by myself.  I had made a terrible and costly mistake of leaving my older child in the care of family and friends in other to take care of his financial needs and that of family. The result wasn’t pleasant at all.

So I determined to do things differently with my younger children; to be present and watch them go through stages of their lives as they grow by the grace of God. Little things now matter most to me such as rushing to their rooms to cuddle them when they scream out from a bad dream and when sometimes they sneak into my bed in the middle of the night because they don’t want to sleep alone. Although providing what we think to be the good things of life is good, I consider TIME WITH THEM of paramount importance which was why I started thinking of ways to achieve both.

One day while searching for a business I can do from home, an advert popped up on my screen and although I’ve seen dozens of them, I decided to click on it. After listening to the guy, it felt as though I have found what I was looking for. I made contact with him without wasting time and joined SFM. Since I joined, I felt this inner peace and strength. I have been learning so much that my mindset, perception, and life had changed. I have no regrets but rather consider myself fortunate to have opened that advert and taken action quickly. I can now escape the fear of not being around for my family as I should.  I have discovered how to live my dreams.  You too can.

My goal is to help many who are ready to take action without excuses to discover their true potentials, get the support they need, and build that dream life they have long desired. I aim to use the digital skills I have gained through SFM to reach out to mums, dads, and anyone with parental and financial responsibilities who desire to be involved in both without missing out on any. I will be reaching out through emails and social media platforms to encourage and motivate many to take actions that will enable them to live their dreams.

If you are ready, I will introduce you to my mentors and the community who will help and support you through the journey to freedom where you will live your dream life.

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